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                          Ritalin also call Methylphenidate is a very powerful stimulating drug and  there by increasing the rate at which people buy ritalin online, buy ritalin online without prescription.

            Doctors of old and now use ritalin to treat hyperactive disorder and depression and others.

                      But Now our days buying of ritalin and others  online is abuse and there by reducing the chances of people to buy ritalin online without prescription, buy ritalin USA.

                          Ritalin can cause long lasting and sometimes painful erections and  sleeping problems is bound to start.Ritalin,mixe with alcohol causes harm

                  Ritalin and alcohol cause counter reaction, in the brain. AND more to that, Beacause ritalin is a central nervous system stimulant which works by increasing the level of chemical messangers call norepinephrine and dopamine.

               In the brain there by causing some changes in the body like increasing the blood pressure and heart beat rate.

        Alcohol  is a central nervouse system depressant. Ritalin and alcohol mixed together cause more harm to the human body, and many more disorder.

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Properties Of Ritalin

  • molar mass of 233.31g/mol
  •  formula of C14H19NO2
  • bioavailability of 30% ranging from 11- 52%
  • melting piont of 74 degree centigrate
  • Trade names Ritalin, concenta other
  • Ritalin has an axcretion urine of 90%

Uses of Ritalin

                             Ritalin is a powerful stimulating drugs. Making dossage to varry for children and adult. AND MORE TO THAT

Ritalin IS a good stimulant drug. And

                              The rate at which people buy ritalin online, buy ritalin online without prescription , buy ritalin online with prescription has increase. Ritalin can be taking orally or on the skin

Uses of Ritalin in adults

  •  to treat ADHD
  •  is use for erection
  • HELP  people to concentrate more to that
  • Ritalin reduces impulsive behavior

Uses of Ritalin in children

  • reduces impulsive behavior and
  • Ritalin is use to treat ADHD

Site effects of Ritalin

                        This alone makes it difficult to buy ritalin online, buy ritalin online without prescription.the site effects of ritalin include, stomach ache, nausea and  vomiting.

Ritalin causes

abdominal pain

causes diarrhea over time,and more to that

misuse of ritalin can lead to malnutrition and related health problems



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